"Matthew, thank you for your quick turn-around of revamping our company website. You are a truly artistic visionary, and your professionalism, efficiency, and competitive pricing made this an ideal project to collaborate with you on. We will definitely be coming to you with future graphic design and web needs! ."
- Leah Hickey, Olivera's Repair, Inc.
"As the owner of a small company  with limited advertising funds it is essential to have a website that we can use to promote our company. It must be one that is flashy, efficient, current, and have the ability to accurately describe our company and services. When we set out to create our website, which we have had for over 10 years, we were fortunate enough to come across Matt Welch of Munkee Media. Matt asked all the appropriate questions to get an idea of what we were about and then created a website for us that is still current today. He has made it simple to update, and in our quick changing world of film production kept us on the forefront of what is considered state of the art. But the best part of Munkee Media is that when we have changes or updates, they happen immediately. We don't have time  to wait days for changes when hours can cost us a job. Matt is thorough, efficient, and available when we need him most. A trait that is seldom found today."
- Hollywood Heard, CEO Extreme Film Crew
“Matthew T Welch and his team at Munkee Media have been an invaluable resource for Blue Yonder Pictures, Inc. Their design for feature film and commercial work has been top notch, and the dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism they bring to the table makes them a welcome partner on any project. I look forward to many more successful creative endeavors with Munkee Media.”
- David de Vos, Producer, Blue Yonder Pictures, Inc.
“Having collaborated on a number of projects, there is no question as to who I turn first for graphic design or additional support for projects I work on. Matthew T Welch's keen aesthetic eye and creative flair has been able to produce site appropriate looks to the web content in the virtual world and installed public displays the real world . Thanks Munkee Media."
- Mark Baker, Technical Director, Grand Performances
“Matthew T Welch was more than just an essential component to our production team. I needed a jack-of-all-trades; a creative, honest, and passionate Art Director, Prop fabricator/master, and special effects guy who could produce high quality sets, props, and effects under severe time and budgetary constraints for a science fiction film. Impressed from the moment I met him, I ended up hiring Matthew on the spot. He completed the job on time and on budget while bringing a very fresh and satisfying creative edge to the look of my film. This guy knows it all, and if you’re lucky enough to work with him, he'll blow your mind.”
- Mubarik Ahmad, Producer, Empyrean Pictures, Inc.

"My partner and I were developing a new business and needed a logo that would compete in the fast-paced business of filmmaking. We only trusted one person with such a task, and that was Matt Welch. Matt had worked with us several times in the past on solving mind-boggling problems with creative set design, propmaking, and intricate graphic animation. He came up with a logo for our new company that has now become one of the more recognizable ones in the industry. We'll go to him for our next one too!"

- Angela Kahn, Producer, ABK Productions LP
"With the minor direction that I gave Munkee Media, they have produced a website layout and business image that I am very proud of. I gave Munkee Media the ball and they ran with it!"
- Matthew Basher, L Rancho Motel / Basher Management LLC

“Matthew T Welch is very knowledgeable about graphic design. Whether you need post cards, posters, or t-shirts, he can create sleek, visually appealing products from concept to finish. He will take care of the technical details and specifications needed to prepare your image for the printing house so that you don't have to worry about a thing!”

- Brenda Brkusic, Filmmaker, Freedom From Despair

"Matt, I was just thinking about that wine label and how fun and creative it was, but how the style was not something I would pick - and it occured to me why you are such a killer designer.....because you actually grasp what each person wants and don't add subjective details of your own preference. You pick up what the other person's layin' down and I think that's SO cool! Lots of folks design the same stuff over and over but the whole feel of each project you do seems to actually bend to the likes of your clients.....you rock.."

- Stacey Cushman, Sharpe Law Firm - Seattle